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Grand Allure Transgender Treasures

Products for male to female transformation, evolution and fulfillment.

Silicone Products

FemSkin Bodysuit

FemPads Body Shaping

* Silicone Padded Feminizing Girdle

Cherry Popper Prosthetic Vagina

FemForms: FemSkin Brand Breast Forms

New! Real Doll Silicone Breast Forms

Breast Forms In Silicone Bra

Breast Forms

Breast Forms Accessories

Latex Products

Vee Strings: Prosthetic Vaginas

* Vee String Female Vagina Prostheses FAQ

Masturbator Vee String

Original Vee String

Bladder Vee String

Sheath Vee String

* Sheath/Bladder Vee String

Virgin Vee String


Our Sensational Wigs

NEW! Hormones

Latex Female Face Masks

Eyelashes & Fingernails


Padded Panties


We offer silicone and latex prosthetics, body enhancers and face masks.

Chose from the FemSkin body suit, Real Doll Breast Forms, the popular Fem Girdle and the original Vee String.

The dedicated and experienced image consultants at Grand Allure Transgender Treasures will assist you in obtaining whatever degree of feminization you seek.

We offer a cutting edge, forward-looking collection of TG products for male to female transformation.

We are all special individuals inside.
A Grand Allure Treasure can help us to become our best selves outside.

We guarantee that your privacy is always protected.

The same applies to our packaging and shipment, which is always discrete.

©2010 Grand Allure Transgender Treasures

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