Item: Silicone Gurl Short- Feminine Body Shapeware

From The Makers Of The Real Doll Sex Doll! This Means Quality!
This is the best Male to Female Prosthetic Appliance for a feminine lower body on the market today. Don't miss out!

Wearable silicone shorts which will change your apparent body proportions and shape into a more feminine silhouette. The ultimate accessory for creating the most believable illusion of wider hips and an hourglass figure. With this product, you can have many more wardrobe choices, wear form fitting clothes, and feel more confident in your feminine persona. You can now have the shape you have dreamed of seeing in the mirror. No other product has ever been available that can do what these shorts can do. With these shorts you can truly blur the barrier between fantasy and reality!

Features an Inner pouch designed to hold male genitalia against wearer's lower abdomen. Form fitting and will absorb wearer's body heat to become body temperature. Cast in multi layered soft silicone to simulate the look and feel of flesh.

Note: One size fits most!

Skin colors come as shown from left to right: Fair, Asian, Medium, Tanned and Light African.

You will be asked for your height, weight and waist size at checkout. We will make your Gurl Short to your specifications.

FYI, if you have a natural waist under 34" Measured AT BELLY BUTTON LEVEL), a natural hip measurement under 38" (MEASURED AT FULLEST PART OF BUTTOCKS), and upper thighs under 24", the shorts will likely fit you with good results.

It is important to realize that everyone's physique is different; As such, these shorts will have an entirely different effect on each person that wears them. If you are outside of this range, the shorts can still be worn, but they may be tighter in fit and the overall effect may not be as dramatic. This product is made of medical grade silicone, which is, at the end of the day, an insulator; If you are wearing these shorts in a warm and/or humid climate, you will find that the region of your body covered by the shorts can become quite warm, and as would be expected, will perspire. This can be minimized by wearing a pair of spandex bike shorts or shape wear between your skin and the silicone which will help to both form a barrier and absorb perspiration. You can also try applying an antiperspirant or "sweat stop" to some of the larger areas of your waist and buttocks prior to putting on the shorts. We also recommend a generic body lotion be applied prior to putting on the shorts.

The short are custom made by size and skin color and will ship in 6-8 weeks. Please allow for freight time once the shorts ship. We will send you the tracking number once the shorts are in the air.

**What they will do, and not do: What these shorts WILL do is add inches to your hips and upper thighs.

Model #1: Adds 4.5" to hips (widest part of buttocks) and adds 1.5" to upper thighs. Weight: 7 lbs.

Model #2: Adds 7" to hips and adds 3.5" to upper thighs. Weight: 11 lbs.

The Gurl Short will NOT change other body measurements such as your waist, or make the rest of your legs any thicker or longer than they really are; For this reason, be aware of your actual body before ordering! The larger size shorts are actually quite dramatic in the difference they will make in your shape, but if your legs are to thin from the thigh down, some wardrobe considerations must be made if you wish to wear the larger size shorts.

Q&A/Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How easy are these to put on and take off?

A: Putting the shorts on requires both patience and time. To skip on either of these can result in frustration, or worse, damage to the product. To put them on, you must slowly work them up your legs, one side at a time, until you get them into position. Some shifting and subtle twisting of the silicone may be necessary to get everything into an ideal position. Ultimately, it will be the wearer who must find the perfect position for the shorts according to their individual taste and anatomy. It is possible to aid in the process of pulling the shorts up the legs by applying body lotion, which will then absorb into the skin. One of the important features of the product is that the inside is tacky, and as such will stay where you put it; Over use of lotion or baby powder will negate this effect and the silicone will simply slide out of place on your body. Periodic adjustment and/or pulling up of the shorts is to be expected. How long the product can comfortably be worn will vary for each individual and environment. Taking the shorts off is actually much easier than putting them on; Usually the body will have at least a nominal amount of perspiration which will allow for easily sliding the product down the legs.

Q: Is there any special care that should be taken when wearing them under clothing?

A: It is advisable to wear pantyhose over the silicone shorts in order to facilitate the process of dressing and undressing; Silicone has a slightly rubbery surface (go figure), and clothing will not slide over it the way it does on skin.

Q: Do they feel real? Could you fool someone who is touching you into thinking that it's really you?

A: Bare silicone, while very lifelike, is still a synthetic material, and most people will realize the difference. Under clothing, however, even a simple layer of nylon, the shorts are quite convincing. Slapping the buttock will even make a very authentic sound! Creative use of clothing, especially lingerie, can be very fun with this product, and create some very believable illusions (see photo examples).

Q: Are these shorts comfortable to wear? How long can you wear them?

A: The short answer is that wearing this very unique product is something that each person will react differently to; The fit is designed to be quite tight, in order to accomplish what the product is meant to do. As mentioned before, the silicone is also an insulator, and will hold heat within it. This being the case, you will be wearing a very snug pair of shorts that are warm inside. Depending on the environment you are in, the activities you are engaged in, and your physiology, the experience will be different every time. Many will find that they love the feeling of wearing the shorts, and some may find that it is an acquired taste. It is similar to wearing a halloween mask: Some people don't mind wearing them and others do. It can also be compared to wearing a corset, in that the fit is snug and you are aware of it's presence. Again, many people love wearing a corset and some do not. All of the above factors will influence how long each person can wear the shorts before they may become uncomfortable.

Q: How do you care for the shorts? How do you wash them, and store them?

A: The shorts can be washed in hot water with antibacterial soap. This should be done at least every other use to keep them clean. Storing them is best done on the foam form that they were shipped to you on, preferably covered or wrapped in a soft untextured fabric. Don't store them somewhere where there are sharp corners or edges pushing against them, and don't compress them to the point that they are heavily wrinkled. In the unlikely event of a tear, stop using/wearing them until you have contacted us for a repair kit. Continuing to use them after a tear has started can result in it getting unnecessarily worse.

Q: How do you go to the bathroom while wearing the shorts? A: The simple answer is that you can pull the shorts down to use the bathroom; We recommend that if you wish to be able to urinate without removing the shorts you acquire a "Texas catheter" (available widely online through medical supply companies) and route the tube near the vagina of the shorts; In this way you can urinate without the inconvenience of removing the shorts. You will, however, need to remove the shorts for "other" bathroom needs.

Q: Is the vagina usable? Does it have a canal?

A: Due to obvious anatomical differences between males and females, the vagina on the shorts will lead to a region on the wearer's body without an orifice; Creative manipulation on the part of the wearer could conceivably result in positioning the shorts and/or body in such a way that the shorts could be usable in this way. We as the manufacturer will leave this endeavor up to the end user, rather than offer detailed explanation as to how it may, or may not be accomplished.


Price for Silicone Gurl Short/8 week ship time: $ 1,199.99 plus shipping and handling.

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As an add-on, we are currently offering a realistic Labia Minora/Vaginal Lips as part of the Gurl Short. See photos above. The price for this option is $150.00 in addition to the regular cost. Please use the second shopping cart for this option.

Price for Silicone Gurl Short with Labia Minora/8 week ship time: $ 1,349.99 plus shipping and handling.

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