Item: HOB-IL-144

Invisi Lace Front Wig. 24" inches layered. The Lace-Front attachment helps the wig blend into the scalp seamlessly to provide a natural look previously considered unattainable. This thin, nearly invisible layer is attached with adhesives into your won hairline so that the illusion of natural hair becomes amazingly real. And because of its soft, sheer nature, not only will it look real, it will also feel real. InvisiLace may even convince yourself that youre not wearing a wig!

Color Available: #613/27: Pale Blonde and Honey Blonde Mix

Price: $ 99.99 plus shipping & handling

Item Name: HOB-IL-144
Lace Front Wig
Price: $99.99

PHONE ORDERS: 1-800-299-2185 or 001-2122536299